Monday, April 14, 2008

pro-china group protests at dalai lama talk

in the spirit of environmental behavior, i am posting a couple of pictures from today's pro-china rally.

local news reports (here & here) indicate 3-400 participated in the protest, which occurred amidst thousands queued to see the dalai lama. they were well organized and had a strong message for western news media's account of the situation in tibet.

the group's message of media distortion was clear. they claimed that we, who understand the situation in tibet based solely on western media accounts, only have one side of the story. their account was multi-faceted. from what i understood, they were pro-peace, anti-violence, anti-separatist, and they held the dalai lama at least somewhat responsible for the violence in tibet.

there were a number of speeches and lots of chanting, as well as a looping video showing the riots in tibet. with bullhorns they made numerous requests of the dalai lama who was presumably already inside the stadium.

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