Wednesday, April 23, 2008

group presentations

for your presentation next week, each group will have 10 minutes to address three key points:

1) formulation of a preliminary research question: frame your question by providing some background information on the phenomenon, problem, and/or area of interest.

2) development of your research strategy: use the research methods we have read about, discussed in class, and practiced using. when developing your data gathering strategy consider practical issues such as a) ethical issues associated with human subjects, b) language barriers, c) access to people, and d) the context of your field site. use the articles on methods in developing a rationale for the methods use choose.

3) identification of potential ethical issues: choose among the three human subjects categories: minimal risk, exemption, and int'l engagement.

the a laptop and projector will be available for use. you are also welcome to use your own laptop. presentations will be on monday and wednesday. individuals presenting on wednesday (30 April) will evaluate monday's (28 April) presentations, and vise-versa. your peer evaluation is your blog post assignment for next week.

choose one person in each group to schedule the group presentation (day & time) here.


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