Thursday, August 7, 2008

NYT - Going Dutch in Amsterdam

Article on traveling in Amsterdam in Aug 6, New York Times: ...As I walked up Weteringstraat, an unassuming street not far from the city’s most famous museums, I spotted a corner bar, the Café de Wetering (Weteringstraat 37; 31-20-622-9676), its entrance shrouded in grapevines. Inside, beyond the clumps of pale green fruit, it was narrow, the wood all burnished brown, with a low-ceilinged mezzanine and, all the way at the back, a fireplace. Soft jazz played on the stereo, a melodic counterpoint to the Dutch spoken by the dozen regulars, one of whom set down his glass and announced, to nobody in particular, “Sonny Rollins.” [ see the full article in 6 August, New York Times]

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